Home Exterior Changes That Make You Want to Renovate Instead of Move

Small home exterior changes can go a long way, even if you’re on a budget. When your home starts to look tired and outdated, it can be tempting to book an appointment with your local real estate agent and look at what else is out there.

We think some home exterior changes could be the just what you need to renovate your house for the refresh it needs instead of going through the long and arduous process of moving. Update your curb appeal and add value to your property by making small changes that can have a drastic effect on the overall look of the outside of your home. Below are some exterior home update ideas to make you want to renovate instead of move.


Updated landscaping is one of the most drastic exterior changes homeowners can make. For a complete landscape overhaul, focus on both the front and backyard. Line the pathways with new pavers and flowers, adorn your driveway with lights and create shrub and flower beds that outline the perimeter of the home to make it look attractive and inviting.


Porch upgrades like adding columns, a staircase or an extended wrap around porch can really enhance the look of the overall exterior of your house. Adding a seating area can make the porch feel like an extension of the interior and will be nice for sitting outside on warmer days.


The entryway is the first impression of your home, so upgrades like molding around the front door and windows, replacing the front door, upgraded lighting and sprucing up with planter boxes can go a long way. Changing out your seasonal décor is also an inexpensive way to add character to your entryway.


This is certainly the most expensive option on the list and might not be necessary if you already have a newer roof. On the contrary, if your roof is in poor condition anyway, it can decrease the value of your home.


A fresh coat of paint can instantly give the outside of your home a facelift. If you want to go one step further, new siding could be a good option for an exterior upgrade. By changing up the entire look and color of the outside of the house, it can feel like new again.

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