Easy Upgrades to Create Your Very Own Master Bathroom Oasis

Is it time for your master bathroom to undergo a transformation? The contractors at Center Island Contracting can help! Allow our qualified staff handle your bathroom remodeling project and create a calming oasis within your home. The master bath is one of the most utilized rooms in your house, so investing in upgrades is well worth it.

Bathrooms offer us the opportunity to work with a variety of different materials – from marble to porcelain, composite to wood, incorporating both design and functionality. Let us work with you to create your ideal new bathroom, choosing the highest quality materials to fit your budget.

Soaking Tub

A large, luxurious soaking tub is a relatively inexpensive way to revamp your master bathroom into a spa-like retreat. Freestanding tubs with jets and plenty of room will provide a relaxing place for you to unwind after a long week – away from the kids and any other distractions.

Radiant Heat Flooring

Your feet will love you in the morning when you step into your bathroom lined with typically cold materials such as tile or stone. Heated flooring is a welcome upgrade in the winter months when the floor is at its coldest. Ditch those slippers and walk around your master bathroom freely with warm bare feet.

Floating Vanity

Floating vanities are exactly like their name describes; they appear to be floating on the wall, leaving space between the bottom of the vanity and the floor. Floating vanities can make your master bathroom look chic and modern, as well as open and airy.

Tile the Walls

Consider continuing your floor tile up the walls for a tile backsplash behind your vanity or go one step further and use tile for all the walls. The tile used on the walls can be a different tile from the floor, adding texture and charisma to the room.

More Windows

You can never have enough windows, because windows provide natural light. Consider adding more or larger windows in your master bathroom, or perhaps a sky light to let the light shine in.

Our qualified professionals can assist in accomplishing your bathroom remodeling project on the north shore of Nassau county, Long Island, from small additions to major reconstructions. If you are ready for a new bathroom, get the best service on Long Island and email us or call (516) 481-4707.

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