Must-Have Upgrades for a New Construction Home in Oyster Bay

If you’re building a new home, now is the time to splurge on the home upgrades you’ve always wanted. Since you probably can’t splurge on every upgrade you want with a budget in place, Center Island Contracting has put together a list of upgrades to choose from so that the decision process is easier on you when the time comes.

Whether you choose one of the following upgrades or all of them, each must-have upgrade for a new construction home will deliver a healthy return on investment. Not only will these upgrades make your new home feel more luxurious, they will also add value.

Wood Floors

Wood floors will never go out of style, and they’re one of the most popular choices amongst homeowners. Flooring sets the look and feel of the home as soon as you walk in, making a pleasing first impression. Another plus is that wood floors will hold their quality over many decades.


There can never be enough lighting in your home. It’s not only a functional upgrade, but it can transform the atmosphere of your home as well. Entryway, kitchen and master bedroom lighting are some of the most important lighting decisions to make when in the design phase of your new construction home. From recessed lighting, task lighting and light fixtures, our designers can help you choose the lighting that best complements your new home.


While not every upgrade in the kitchen will provide a return on investment – appliances, for example – most kitchen upgrades will. Upgrading the cabinetry, task lighting and kitchen island is a good start. The kitchen is the heart of the home and potential buyers will notice the kitchen upgrades first.

Master Bathroom

The master bathroom deserves some extra attention. We all love some pampering at the end of a long day, so having a bathroom oasis in your own home is a nice upgrade. Splurging on higher end materials such as marble and a spa tub, and add-ons like extra storage will take your master bathroom retreat up a few notches.


Upgraded windows or energy efficient windows are a must-have upgrade for any home. Windows not only provide the all mighty natural light, but they also have the power to change the appearance of your home. The more windows the better, so discuss how many windows you can fit into your design plans with our experts at Center Island Contracting.

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