Interior Renovations: Ideas and Inspiration

We all contemplate interior renovations with the end goal being to update our living spaces to be the most up-to-date and inviting environment it can possibly be, which is something Center Island Contracting can help with. Our construction management team takes pride in the ability to treat every remodeling job as if the home belongs to a member of the team. The same respect and consideration that we have for our own homes is inherent in everything we do for your property. So why not call us today to talk to one of our qualified, reliable and experienced professionals about an interior renovation plan?

In the meantime, below are some ideas for interior renovations.

Crown Molding & Trim

A minor interior upgrade you can make to your home is to add crown molding and trim, which might seem minor but it will make a big impact. We can help add crown moldings that look like a natural extension of your walls in any style that suits you and your family.


Renovating your unfinished basement is a great way to add some extra living space to the interior of your home. The sky is the limit when it comes to basement renovation ideas; add an office, living room area, a bar area or a play area for the kids.

Kitchen & Bathrooms

The kitchen and bathrooms are usually the first rooms that come to mind when thinking of an interior renovation project, but it can be the priciest. By the same token, updating kitchens and bathrooms are what adds the most value to your home. We have an experienced staff that will provide you with the latest materials to make every aspect of your kitchen remodel ideal for your specific goals.

Media Room

Perhaps empty-nesters have an extra room they want to renovate now that the kids are gone, and that’s the perfect opportunity to add a media room. This can range anywhere from a theater room with plush seats for optimal relaxation, to upgrading the size of your flat screen and buying some cozy couches.


Taking on a new flooring project is definitely a commitment considering you might have to move out for a few days, depending on how much flooring you’re replacing. Swapping your carpets for hardwood floors is a welcome upgrade to any home, so contact us today to ask how our experienced professionals can help with the design and installation aspects of this interior renovation project.

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