Long Island Remodel: Pros and Cons of Vaulted Ceilings

If your family is undergoing a Long Island remodel and are considering adding vaulted ceilings to your design plans, you’ve come to the right place. The experts at Center Island Contracting have put together a list of pros and cons for those who haven’t decided whether to add this feature to their final plans.

Vaulted ceilings can add a sense of luxury to any room and make the living space appear larger. Most families opt to add vaulted ceilings in their family room, or main room of the home so that the open space is used and appreciated.

Below are some pros and cons of vaulted ceilings to consider.


  • More Natural Light

A higher ceiling means room for extra windows, which translates to more natural light. Not only can extra windows be added, longer windows can allow for even more natural light to stream into the room and make it feel open and inviting.

  • Larger Room

Perhaps the most popular reason for vaulted ceilings is their unique ability to make your living space appear larger and more impressive. Even the illusion of more space is what attracts homeowners to wanting to add vaulted ceilings to their remodel plans.

  • Adds Character

Not only do vaulted ceilings open up the living space, they also add character and charm to it. Add exposed beams for a rustic feel, as well as a fireplace to the room to amp up the charm factor even further.


  • Cleaning

Cleaning and maintenance can prove difficult with such high ceilings, which is one drawback of vaulted ceilings to consider. The extra height in the room can add extra effort to your weekly chores, and it can even be dangerous for those not comfortable enough to climb a ladder.

  • Less Energy Efficient

With no where for the hot air to go up but up, your home’s energy efficiency will decline. Especially in the warmer spring or summer months, the warm air can get trapped in the ceiling with no where to escape. If energy efficiency levels are high priority on your list, this is a con to consider.

  • More Expensive

All around, vaulted ceilings are the more expensive option when it comes to low vs. high ceiling height. They’re more expensive to install and your electric bill will increase, too. Homeowners will simply have to decide if the the pros on this list outweigh the added expense.

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