Here’s What You Need to Know About Relocating to Long Island

Thinking of relocating to Long Island? There are so many advantages to living in one of the communities on Long Island’s long stretch of beautiful land, although we might be just a little bias. With over 100 years combined experience on staff, our skilled staff of qualified and reliable professionals are the best in New York. Allow us at Center Island Contracting, which serves all of Nassau and Suffolk counties as well as the city of Long Beach, to be your go-to firm for design, new builds, renovations and more for your new home. Contact us today for a consultation. Before you relocate, however, check out our list of what to expect:

Best of Both Worlds

Locals of Long Island will tell you that by living on the island, residents get the best of both worlds in terms of “country life” and “city life.” Enjoy the beautiful beaches, peace and serenity the further east you go on the island, but enjoy close proximity to the city the further west you live. Both areas of the island are relatively close to the city for a night out or a weekend away, so living on Long Island will give you both relaxation and privacy and easy accessibility to arguably the best city in the world.

High Property Taxes

One of the warnings of relocating to Long Island is that the property taxes are higher than the national average. It’s one of the drawbacks of living here, but do consider all you’re getting in return. It’s something to consider before relocating.

South Shore vs. North Shore

If you’re new to Long Island, you might be unaware of the differences between living on the South Shore vs. the North Shore. Here’s a breakdown:

South Shore

  • More open land, farms
  • nicer beaches
  • Where the Hamptons is located
  • Cooler breeze in the summer
  • Flat

North Shore

  • The “Gold Coast” – has a history of affluence
  • Beaches are more rocky than South Shore
  • Hillier terrain
  • Borders Long Island Sound
  • Setting of the Great Gatsby

Consider Proximity to the City

As we touched on earlier, the more west you live on Long Island, the closer to the city you are. Consider this before relocating, because the lifestyles are entirely different. Those who live out east, culminating in the eastern tip of the island (Montauk) tend to live a more secluded lifestyle with land being much more open.