Adapt your Lighting to Enhance your Space in Every Season

Each season brings new weather and varying amounts of natural lighting. Because of this change, we encourage homeowners to adapt your lighting to enhance your living space for each season.

Proper lighting can completely transform a room, making it feel warmer or even making it appear larger than it really is. When the dull winter days make your home feel dark and gloomy, update your lighting to accommodate less natural light. On the contrary, when natural light is in abundance during the summer, we should modify our lighting for that as well.

Summer brings extra daylight hours and more natural light in general, so we tend to use less indoor lighting. When we need to turn on some lights at night, however, it’s best to use incandescent bulbs in the for softer lighting. In the winter, switch your bulbs out to fluorescent for brighter lighting.

When it’s darker outside in the winter, we have a tendency to lack motivation. Our indoor lighting choices can change that and using layered lighting to brighten up the space can change the entire mood and tone of the home.

Lamp shades can make a big difference in that darker shades are better for rooms that need dim lighting, while lighter shades will shine the light through. Floor lamps can be used to make rooms look larger and light up rooms in the winter.

In conclusion, to make sure our indoor spaces are comfortable and inviting, making small indoor lighting adjustments for each season is a must. We can make up for the lack of natural light during winter with strategic lighting and use natural light to our advantage during summer.

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