Avoid Public Exposure to Germs with These Helpful Tips

As we continue to see the number of Coronavirus cases rise, we should all be educating ourselves on best practices for avoiding public exposure to germs. It’s essential to take extra precautions to stop the spread of this global pandemic, as well as protect ourselves and our loved ones.

Life as we know it simply needs to change for the foreseeable future. To do our part in ending the spread of Coronavirus, we all need to change up our regular daily routines and stay home as much as possible. When it comes to everyday occurrences like coffee runs or lunch meetings, we will need to replace those outings with making coffee at home and eating from our own refrigerators.

Reducing public contact to germs means we keep to ourselves as much as possible. If you’re unable to stay home and need to go out and work, below are some tips to avoid public with germs during these scary times.

  1. Eat in, only eat food from your fridge, after it’s been washed. 
  2. Make coffee at home and use your own to go cups 
  3. Wear gloves when possible during daily activities
  4. Work out at home and clean the space regularly
  5. Stay in and start up game nights
  6. Learn a new handshake that does not require contact
  7. Speak from more of a distance than usual while speaking with others
  8. Transport yourself and family in your own vehicles
  9. Reduce cash money transactions, use your credit card and pay the bill with your own checks at the end of the month

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