Home Ventilation Tips for Fresh Air Indoors

Ventilation is the process of good air replacing bad air, pushing fresh air inside the house to replace the toxic air created by everyday activities. Cooking, cleaning and pollutants being brought in from the outside are just a few examples of unwanted chemicals getting inside the home and hindering the indoor air we breathe every day.

Homes today are also more sealed in than ever, which has benefits such as saving energy and money on your electric bill, but it doesn’t allow for proper ventilation. With that said, the home experts at Center Island Contracting have some ventilation tips that will allow for fresh air indoors.

Screen Doors

Installing screen doors in your entryway door, patio doors or sliders, as well as screens on all windows during a home remodel or new home construction project will help ventilate the inside of your home. Getting the fresh air flowing inside is all it takes.

Exhaust Fans

Exhaust fans do a good job of pushing out the bad air, especially during and after cooking. Place exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms and use while cooking in the kitchen, as well as showering and bathing in the bathroom.

Open Windows

Good old-fashioned opening windows is a tried and true ventilation method. There should be a slight breeze outside but not too windy, and the air temperature outside shouldn’t be too hot. The air movement will promote ventilation and push the stale, bad air out.

Balconies, Courtyards & Patios

Promote indoor airflow and ventilation by including a balcony, courtyard or patio in your home remodel or new construction plans. By leaving the doors open for a while, the good air can replace the bad air inside. It’s easy to do so during warmer weather days, but it also works on cooler days too.

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