Achieve a Happy Home with Mood-Boosting Design Tips

Did you know there are design techniques that can help boost your mood? Everyone can benefit from a happier home environment.

While we all have different interior design styles, there are a few universal decorating tips that can have a mood-boosting effect. One of the keys to creating a happier home, however, is to personalize it as much as possible to surround yourself with home items that make you happy.

Incorporating feng shui techniques is a good way to boost your mood, making sure the energy is balanced and evenly distributed among the room. Read on for more mood-boosting design tips to transform your new home into the happiest place it can be.

Natural Light

Natural light is a natural mood booster, proven to improve your mental health and happiness. Design your home remodel or new build in a way that utilizes natural light in the best way, with larger windows, French doors or additional windows.

Mood-Boosting Colors

According to science, certain colors can influence our mood. Decorating with mood-boosting colors like yellow can bring brighten your mood, while colors like blue can elicit a more calming and serene energy. To spark creativity in home offices or the kitchen, use colors like orange or purple.


Plants are known to contain properties that boost your mood and reduce stress and anxiety. Especially during the winter months when seasonal depression can start to kick in, surround your home with house plants like snake plants, Boston fern or peace lilies.


Decluttering your space is a great way to enhance your mood. It can be more difficult to relax and get a good night’s sleep in an environment that’s too cluttered. Finding a system that keeps the clutter at bay will help you keep your belongings neat and tidy, such as decorative baskets, more storage space and organized closets.


Just as natural light is the ultimate mood booster, you can fake it till you make it with interior lighting. Strategically placed lighting upgrades have a big impact on the home’s atmosphere. Consider LED lights, dimmers, under cabinet lighting, and layered lighting for a happier, well lit home.

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