Ways to Increase Natural Light in Your Remodel or New Construction Home

Natural light is an integral part of any home, making rooms look larger and boosting your serotonin levels. Replicating natural light is what we hope to achieve with interior lighting, but the truth is that natural light can’t be duplicated.

As homeowners, we should do everything in our power to increase our home’s natural light. When undergoing any home remodel or starting new with a new construction home, the design of the home should be centered on letting all the natural light in.

Below are the best ways to increase natural light in your remodel of new construction home.


Skylights lets natural light shine in from above. Homes with high ceilings especially benefit from skylight installations, using them in conjunction with other windows to optimize the amount of natural light that comes into the home.

Corner Windows

Corner windows will maximize the amount of sunlight that comes inside. The more exposed glass, the more natural light can make its way in. Corner windows provide a 90-degree outdoor view that provides something nice to look at in addition to less artificial light needed to illuminate the space.

No Heavy Window Treatments

Heavy or dark window curtains, blinds or window treatments will hinder the amount of natural light that comes inside. Although window treatments are needed to minimize glare, replace those heavy window treatments with lighter colors and more natural fabrics that let the light in while still providing privacy. Consider cotton or linen.

House Positioning

Position your windows to face the south for optimal natural light in your new build or home remodel. The longest part of your new home should face south, with the rooms that are most frequently used located on that side of the house so that your windows can do the best job possible.

Light Paint

Light paint colors will open up the space and make the entire house look bigger. The light colors will also reflect the natural light that comes in, contributing to an overall lighter and brighter feel when inside the house. In addition to white paint colors, lighter furniture, cabinetry, and countertops will have the same effect.

Reflective Surfaces

Just as lighter colored walls or furniture will reflect natural light and maximize it, reflective surfaces in the home will achieve the same goal. Glazed or glass tile in the kitchen, decorative mirrors, and even shiny cabinets are all great options when looking to add reflective surfaces or objects for the sake of improving a room’s natural light.

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