Feng Shui Tips for your Newly Remodeled Master Bedroom in Greenvale

Designing any room in your home is an art, but your master bedroom is an especially important room because it’s where you lay your head down each night as another day comes to an end. Your master bedroom is the room that’s most personal to you, so it should be designed for feng shui.

Feng shui is deeply rooted in energy, and having good feng shui in your bedroom means energy is balanced and can evenly distribute among the room. Positioning furniture in certain directions, letting in natural light, and eliminating clutter are all feng shui practices to adopt to make your bedroom a more desirable place to be.

Place Bed in Commanding Position

Feng shui experts say the way your bed is positioned in your bedroom can provide good feng shui. Placing the bed in the commanding position means doors should be in view from the bed, but it shouldn’t directly face any door, including the bathroom door if you have a bathroom that connects to your bedroom.

Reduce Clutter

Less is more is the key to good feng shui. Eliminate any clutter in the room for a space that’s open and lighter. A bedroom with little clutter allows improved sleeping habits, which are important for our health. Experts say clutter underneath the bed can hinder our sleep, so reconsider that storage space under the bed.

Create Balance

Creating symmetry and balance is one of the main principles of feng shui. Nightstands should be on either end of the bed, and the same goes for lamps. Having just one will offset the balance and take away from creating equilibrium within the room.

Let In Natural Light

Natural light should be let in during the day, so open those blinds in the morning for a boost of happiness and positive energy. Experts say the blinds should be open even if you leave for work so that the energy can circulate the room. At night, keep the room as dark as possible to promote optimal sleep.

Neutral Colors

Surround yourself with neutral colors in your bedroom, like earth tones, whites, creams, and beiges. This applies to large wall spaces so that the room feels as calm and serene as possible. Soft accent colors of greens, blues and browns can be incorporated if you’re looking for some color.

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