7 Home Design Risks To Consider

Risk taking in home design means a lot more than just adding a pop of color. There are many ways to quench your home décor creative thirst and explore that creative side that’s in all of us. Some of us might like to play it safe with neutral tones that are soothing, while others might like to turn our home into an all-out art installation, but there are certainly ways to play with home design risk taking on different calibers. Some may prefer a subtle risk like adding an artistic tile to your kitchen or bathroom, or some might prefer to go all out with a waterfall in the home. No matter how risky you want to go, here are 7 home design risks to consider.

Huge House Plants

It’s standard to have house plants in a variety of rooms in the home, but what if you took it up a notch and used nearly life-sized trees or plants? It’s a daring way to incorporate a home design risk because it defies expectations of what we think plant décor should be.

Mirrored Cabinets

This one isn’t too risky, so it’s a mild risk-taking option for the home. Mirror your cabinet doors to add some dimension to your kitchen or bathroom. If you grow to hate it, it’s an easy switch-out later on.

Slanted Wall Shelves

Using slanted wall shelves will make your guests raise their eyebrows, that’s for certain. Slanted wall shelves appear to defy physics but pull double duty as a functional hanging wall unit. Why not turn ordinary shelves into a conversation piece?

Water Features

Water features like indoor waterfalls are a great way to take a home design risk while also providing some tranquility to the home. Once you hear the sounds of the water trickling down the waterfall, you will be one with nature again.


Take a risk that isn’t permanent by hanging some large-scale murals of your choice. It can take up nearly an entire wall and feature landscapes, sports stadiums, nature and more. There’s even the option of hiring a wallpaper company to custom-make the mural, although wallpaper is more of a commitment.

‘Wow Factor’ Columns

Columns that are required for covered patios don’t have to feel required. Spruce up wood columns by adding an art feature such as a carved design, which will look custom to the space and add an element of high quality.

Artistic Tile Backsplash

Another minimal design risk, adding artistic tile as a backsplash in the kitchen will take an ordinary space out of the ordinary. Your kitchen won’t look cookie cutter and you can pride yourself on the fact that no one else will have a backsplash quite like yours.

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