Choosing Cohesive Color Palettes for Good Room Flow

Most people want to experience with color schemes during a home remodel in Long Island, but often the rooms don’t flow cohesively. Since there’s no right or wrong color palette, homeowners can be as daring or scaled back as they want to be. Nevertheless, the palette needs to give off a good room flow so the rooms don’t appear too divided and below are some tips to achieve this goal.

Consistent Paint Color for Connecting Walls

One guaranteed way to make any color scheme work is to pick a consistent color for the walls of connecting spaces. Especially with homes that have an open floor plan, picking one color as the main color and using other colors to accent it is the best way to achieve a cohesive feel.

Reserve Bold Colors for Smaller Rooms

Rooms that aren’t connected to the main space in open floor plans are a good opportunity to go bold. Since they’re not part of the sightline of the connecting space, turning the corner into a powder room or master bedroom with a color that provides a wow-factor is a nice surprise.

Limit Yourself to Color Groups

It might be tempting to go crazy with your color palette if that’s your personal style, but even when going bold with colors there needs to be a cohesiveness to the color group. If your objective is to go extremely bold with your colors, choose a group of three colors that aren’t necessarily in the same color palette so there’s at least a method to your madness.

Balance Bold Colors with Accessories

Want to go bold with colors but don’t want to commit to a blood orange or ruby red wall? There’s still ways to experiment. By adding accessories such as accent pillows or flower pots, you’re still able to incorporate a pop of color without the commitment. If you get sick of it, switching them out won’t hurt your pockets too much.

Consider Sightlines

When you’re standing in the foyer of a home and you can see the living room, kitchen or any other room, it can be hard on the eyes when each room has a different color scheme. When your floor plan is that open, considering your sightlines is key. Makes sure the paint color of each room complements one another. For more information about Center Island Contracting’s services call us at (631) 465-9765.

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