Lighting: Get Educated With Center Island Contracting

The lighting you choose can vastly influence the design aesthetic in your home, but did you know about all the different types of lighting to choose from? Whether you’re making decisions for your new construction  or just renovating the space you already have, it’s a good idea to at least get educated on the types of lighting that are out there. Below are four types of lighting that can transform the ambiance of your home in different ways.


Ambient lighting might be the most important because it provides the most amount of light into the room, or the overall illumination. There are many types of ways to achieve ambient lighting, such as track lights, chandeliers, wall mounts and more. It’s up to you to find ambient light fixtures that fit with the design of the room while providing a level of brightness you’re comfortable with.


Task lighting is separate from ambient lighting, or general lighting, because it should only provide light for specific tasks. This might include lamps or pendant lights for tasks such as reading, cooking or any other activity that requires light.


Accent lighting can be used to highlight a point of interest in the room, such as artwork or architectural features of the room. Accent lighting can make a room like bigger than it is by adding dimension to it.


Let our professionals at Center Island Contracting install LED lighting in your home, which will allow you to reap many benefits that you wouldn’t get with traditional lighting, such as significantly lowering your electric bill and helping the environment by using less energy. You can count on us to perform installing and conversions in several ways in both commercial LED lighting and residential projects. We can change your existing lighting to LED or we can install LED lighting systems in your new build, allowing for the best possible lighting upgrade in your new home.

Solar panels are a hot commodity these days, so pair it with your new set of LED lights for home and you will have the most efficient and green way to power your home.

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