7 Home Projects to Finish Before Thanksgiving

Before the holidays roll around again and we have house guests coming over for Thanksgiving, some of us have some home projects to finish. Thanksgiving is a cozy time with friends and family, so make sure to complete all those projects you didn’t get around to at the end of summer. Before the weather gets cold again, here are seven home projects to finish in time for Thanksgiving to create a happy, warm and inviting environment for those you will be entertaining this holiday season.

Finish the Basement

With outdoor spaces out of commission when the weather drops, the basement will need to be utilized for extra living space. With a finished basement, you can send the kids downstairs to play while the adults gather around the table upstairs before or after Thanksgiving dinner. You will be happy this home project was completed in time for Thanksgiving so the adults can get some alone time.

Fireplace Inspection

Safety comes first when operating your fireplace, so make sure to complete a proper inspection before using it this holiday season. Hire a fireplace professional to make sure there are no blockages, flammable build-up, defective dampers, damaged brickwork or flue caps.

Repair the Roof

Cold weather can exacerbate an existing roof leak, and snow storms can have an impact on even the most minor roof leaks. Make sure this home project is done and off your checklist for peace of mind before Thanksgiving and before the temperatures drop drastically.

Get Carpets Cleaned

Now is the perfect time to get the carpets cleaned with the hot and sticky days of summer behind us and the cold days of winter ahead of us. Making sure the carpets are squeaky clean will add another element of cleanliness to your home before your Thanksgiving guests arrive.

Repair the Driveway

Just like the roof, the cold weather will make small cracks in the driveways or walkways outside of your home worse, so make sure the walking and driving conditions are safe for your guests by hiring a professional to repair these gaps.

Programmable Thermostat

By switching out your manual thermostat for a programmable thermostat, you will save money this winter. The programmable thermostat will use up less energy to heat your home when the temperatures drop because you can set it to a lower temperature while you’re not home.

Power Wash Exterior

Power washing the exterior of your home has multiple advantages, such as preventing mold from growing on your windows and siding and making your house look the best it can possibly look just in time for your Thanksgiving guests and neighbors to ogle over it.

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