5 Benefits of Adding Dormers to Your Sea Cliff Home

Dormer windows are a great option for adding more space to your home when an extension or addition is out of the question. Dormers are vertical additions added to your home on a sloped roof, which create their own roof and add character to the exterior of the home.

Dormer windows add many benefits to the home, including more space and adding more natural light into the room. They’re more cost-effective than a complete attic remodel or extension on the home, and they provide many of the same advantages.

There are many different styles of dormers, and a Center Island Contracting construction expert can help you choose the dormer that complements the style of your home’s existing architecture.

More Natural Light

Dormer windows can brighten up a dark, dingy attic space and turn it into a livable space for your family to sleep, play or work in. The light let in from a dormer window will transform the space into a room that can be utilized, instead of sitting unused and serving no purpose to the house.

Increase Living Space

Building a dormer can convert the unused space in your attic into livable square footage. If your property is too small for an extension, a dormer could be just what your family needs when looking for an extra room. 

Improve Ventilation

Improved ventilation is another benefit of adding a dormer. Creating airflow in a room can turn it into a livable room, used for actual livable square footage in the home. Without that airflow, it would be difficult to spend an extended period of time in the space.

Enhance Exterior of Home

Many homeowners and construction professionals believe dormers add character to the exterior of the house. Dormers can break up the design of a roof, creating a focal point of design for onlookers to see from the street. It enhances the curb appeal and gives the roof more dimension.


Dormers are a more cost-effective choice over other traditional methods of adding space, such as extensions or additions to the house. In effect, they offer the same end result, more livable square footage for your family to add a bedroom, office or playroom.

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