Kitchen Backsplash Trends for 2022

Kitchen remodeling will always be one of the most popular types of remodeling projects. The kitchen is the focal point of the home and where the family congregates for entertainment, cooking, homework, studying, and eating. Investing in a kitchen remodel will add to the overall value of the home, so it’s a practical home investment choice.

Our selection center is your one-stop-shop for high quality materials, such as cabinets, tiles, faucets, flooring, and backsplash. While designing your home remodel or new construction home at Distinctive Designs, choosing your kitchen backsplash is one of the most thrilling design decisions.

Below are kitchen backsplash options to choose from that we’ll be seeing a lot of in 2022.


Slabs of stone, typically marble, are a popular backsplash choice. It can either be a continuous piece of slab that extends up from the countertop, or a slab backsplash on its own. Continuous slabs create a seamless design that makes a stunning accent wall.

Pop of Color

Pops of color will be popular in 2022 in kitchen backsplash design. Whether it’s a solid color material or an intricate tile design, pops of color are a nice change from the typical all white or grey kitchens we’ve seen in recent years.


Brick backsplashes can either be left as natural exposed brick, or painted white or grey for a distressed look. Brick is one of the more durable materials to use in the kitchen, so it will stand the test of time.

Ceramic Tile

Ceramic tile has been a popular kitchen backsplash material for the past several years and it will continue to be popular in kitchen remodels. Ceramic tile is a versatile design choice because it can be customized to almost any style, color, shape, or size.

Glazed Tile

Place a glazed finish on your tile backsplash for a splash of shine in your kitchen design. For a glossier look, glazed tile can deliver a pop of texture in your kitchen remodel. It’s also easier to clean compared to matte tile backsplashes.

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