3 Ideas for your Kitchen Remodel:

With the kitchen being the center of the household, you want to make sure your new kitchen remodel resonates with the dynamism and heartiness that revolves around you and your family. A kitchen remodel is your chance to finally put your design ideas in place and build a space that is functional, yet charming, and is tailored to your needs. Types of lighting, flooring, and sinks are just a few of the choices you will have to make when designing your brand new kitchen. Our general contractors can help you pick the proper designs that fit your budget and your lifestyle. Here are three ideas for your kitchen remodel.

Lighting: There are many options when it comes to types of lighting to use in the kitchen. The most common type of lighting is ceiling fixtures. Ceiling fixtures hang in the center of the kitchen or above the kitchen table and provide general lighting. Chandeliers are another popular choice for lighting fixtures if you are going for a more elegant and formal look for your kitchen remodel. Pendant lights are also lights that are suspended from the ceiling and are usually used over islands or counters where most of the action in the kitchen takes place. Other lighting options are wall lighting, rail or track lighting, and recessed lighting.

Flooring: When choosing flooring for your kitchen, you’ll want to focus on types of flooring that are easy to clean and long lasting. Linoleum is a great choice for a kitchen remodel because there are endless design options. It’s reasonably priced, and the upkeep is easy. Ceramic tiles are also easy to uphold and are very sturdy and resilient. Hardwood flooring is also a great choice for your kitchen remodel because it holds up well in high traffic areas of the house.

Sinks: Stainless steel sinks are the most common types of sinks in households today because they are inexpensive, durable, and have great resistance to stains. Cast iron sinks are also popular because they are long lasting and easy to clean. Composite sinks are tough, and stain and scratch resistant. Granite composite sinks are a better choice than quartz composite, because it is more durable. Our general contractors can guide you in choosing the proper sink for your kitchen remodel.

When remodeling the most essential room in the home, it’s vital to have skilled general contractors at your side. It is possible to create the kitchen of your dreams with Center Island Contracting. Contact us today, 631-465-9765.