Why Meeting with a Design / Build Firm First Wins Every Time

Design/Build firms are the best way to undergo a new home construction or remodel project because of the many conveniences they provide. Center Island Contracting’s knowledgeable and talented team of construction professionals and house remodeling contractors can provide you with comprehensive house building and home design services for any home project.

If your family is embarking on a home project and trying to decide whether to hire a Design/Build firm or not, meeting with a Design/Build firm first will win every time. For quality service and a one-stop-shop approach, Design/Build firms have your best interest to simplify and streamline the home building or home renovation process.

For starters, a Design/Build firm knows the hard costs and won’t overcomplicate anything when it comes to budget. We will set the budget going into the project and you won’t have to worry about any hidden costs in the end. We know the hard costs, so we’re able to give you a straightforward plan that will realistically fit into your budget. A Design/Build Firm is in the business of developing projects that can be built within the client’s budget.

Design/Build firms’ interests are always aligned with the client’s interests, so there’s no grey area and absolutely no surprises at the end of the home project. We don’t have any hidden agenda, and our top priority is to build the home of your dreams. We will give you professional house plans and designs, honest answers and fair quotes without wasting your time or promising the impossible. 

Lastly, Design/Build firms offer the most accountability. There’s only one source of communication, eliminating any confusion or miscommunication that can come from multiple points of contact trying to achieve the same goal. With one team in place from start to finish, there is no room for error and the accountability that comes from this is a major advantage.

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