Building New with All the Benefits of One-Stop-Shopping

The benefits of one-stop-shopping are clear; they expedite any process and offer convenience among many other advantages. Many people cherish their time and appreciate one-stop-shopping, especially when it comes to the home building or home renovation process.

When it comes to building new, allow the benefits of one-stop-shopping work in your favor. Center Island Contracting will provide the following benefits so that the journey to your dream home is as easy for you as possible.


We all have crazy lives these days, and it seems time is the #1 commodity we have less and less of. Our clients enjoy scheduling a one-on-one appointment with our designers in order to finalize designs and selections at their convenience. 


The most frustrating part of any remodeling job is that after the plans are developed, after you select a Design/Build firm to do the work, you also have to pick everything out. Could you imagine shopping at 7-10 stores and having that many different opinions thrown at you?


Design/Build firms with showrooms are able to complete designs and selections with clients that fit their project.  It’s common for customers who shop on their own to come back with material selections that don’t align with their budget. Having the contractor coach the client through this process enables budget concerns and clients’ preferences to be much more aligned. 


A Design/Build firm who has their own showroom or selection center has ongoing relationships with each supplier they carry. This results in better customer service from your contractor, and also from the suppliers they carry. 

For the very best service from qualified, reliable and experienced professionals for all your house building and remodeling contractor and construction management needs, you can trust Central Island Contracting. We are your local contractor of choice on the north shore of Nassau county, Long Island in towns like Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho, etc. For more information about our Design/Build services here on Long Island, contact us!