Why Choose New Home Construction? Benefits to Building New

We know there are many options out there when it comes to your home projects, including building conversions and much more. So why choose to go the new home construction route?

New Home Construction Portfolio

Center Island Contracting has had many happy clients choose to build new. While it’s not for everyone, it does offer a list of benefits to the homeowner. Fully customizing a home to your specific needs and style can be a splurge, but that splurge can be offset by the costs you avoid by having to fix an older home with existing issues.

If you’re still stuck debating whether you should build new, renovate, or choose a different route to update your home or add more space, below are benefits to choosing to build a new home that might make your decision easier.

All New

There’s no other way to put it; building new means everything is brand new! You will be the first to live in this house built specifically for you. There’s something satisfying about the process of design to breaking ground. Everything chosen in a new build; from flooring to fixtures, roof to building materials, is your choice.

Up to Date on Building Codes

Buying an older home might mean the home was up to building codes when it was built, but not in current day. Being up to date on the latest building codes means your home is the safest it can possibly be for your family. Never worry about your home’s structure being safe again – you can rest assure that it’s up to date.

Green Home

Building new means building a green home, which helps your carbon footprint and future home expenses. The knowledge about green homes wasn’t as available as it is today, so older homes aren’t built nearly as energy efficient as they are now.

Avoid Expensive Repairs

Just the idea of building new can be intimidating, but when repair costs on an older, existing home are added up, sometimes building new makes more sense financially. Buying an older house might save money upfront, but eventually the structural finishes will need to be repaired and they can cost a pretty penny.

No Settling

Building a new home means absolutely no settling. Have you ever been through the house hunting process and found that the home you decided on met the majority of your wish list? When building new, your entire wish list is met because you’re the one in control of creating it.

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