Knock Down & Build New in Massapequa

Many homeowners are faced with the decision to either knock down their home and build new, renovate, or pick up and move altogether. The experts at Center Island Contracting believe knocking down and building new presents a host of benefits you couldn’t get if you moved or renovated.

For starters, knocking down and building new offers a financial advantage, considering it’s easier to sell a 10-year-old house versus a 30-year-old house over the long-term. You might want to tear down your existing home where your family has established roots, or you might find an older home to tear down and rebuild in the perfect neighborhood. If a new house in the location you desire is what you’re looking for, knocking down and building is at the top of the list of options.

Is the knock down and build new option the right for you? Below are some benefits to tearing down and beginning a new home construction project.

New and Customizable

The only way to get a completely new home from soup to nuts with a new roof, foundation and floor plan that suits your needs is to build new. A renovation won’t fix the plot position of an existing home; once the structure is in place it’s there until it’s knocked down.

No Future Structural Issues

With a brand new home, structural issues will never loom over your head again. New foundations mean sturdy foundations that will last for decades to come. Eliminating structural issues like a cracked foundation or damaged roof will benefit you while you live there and offer a resale advantage as well.

Resale Advantage

Like previously mentioned, it’s easier to sell a newer home in the long-run than it is to sell a 30-40 year old home. Although knocking down and building new is an investment, it’s an investment that will pay off when it’s time to sell.

Ideal Location in Thriving Area

Tearing down and building new won’t only get you the customized floor plan and new features you want, it will also allow you to get the home of your dreams in the location of your dreams. Buying a tear down in an established area that’s on the up and up will prove to be a great financial investment, as well as the opportunity to stay in a good school district and neighborhood of your liking.

New Homes are More Energy Efficient

Building a new home allows for energy efficient features that will reduce energy and help the environment. The structure of the home can be energy efficient with better insulation, more sustainable building materials, solar panels and cool roofs.

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