Turn a Spare Room Into a Craft Room & Unleash Creativity

Have an extra room in your house or perhaps some extra room in your basement? Consider creating a craft room, also known as “Mom Caves.” Craft rooms are a guilt-free space that organizes your craft and DIY clutter, making it a functional space to make a mess. The beauty of this room is that it serves multiple functions and only requires a few necessities; storage, good lighting, seating and counter space.

It’s time to clear out those boxes full of knick-knacks and other odds and ends that are taking up space in your garage, attic, storage closet or other areas of the house. Compile things like sewing machines, books, dress-up clothes, toys, paper, yarn and anything else that will add to a productive space for your DIY and craft needs. Think of all the space that will be freed up in your home!

The sky is the limit when it comes to the design aesthetic of this room, because it should be personalized to fit your craft and DIY goals. A corner desk will allow more space in the rest of the room for tables, couches, bean bags or counters, and mounting a TV will do the same. Now would be a fantastic time to play with fun design schemes, such as framing your kids’ artwork or posters of their favorite movie, actor or musician. Experiment with fun wall paint to unleash creative juices and make it an environment that forces a smile when guests walk in. Another component of the craft room that should be utilized is plenty of storage, whether it’s built-ins, stand-alone shelves or storage bins. The room might unleash so much creativity that it can serve as a great space for after school homework and snacks.

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