Convert Your Garage Into Finished Livable Square Footage

If your family is craving more livable square footage, why not turn your garage into a living room? This is a shortcut to adding on to your home without having to pay for an all-out new addition and by adding more finished livable square footage, your home’s value will go up. A garage conversion, however, is no easy task. That’s why it’s best to call the professionals at Center Island Contracting when planning one. There are many factors that go into achieving a garage conversion, with the challenge being to get rid of any clues that the new living space used to be a garage. Here’s what to expect when undergoing a home project like this one:

Insulate Walls, Floor and Ceiling

This might mean raising the floor height to fit the insulation over the concrete slab and underneath the flooring.

Knock Down Wall for Open Concept Look

Knocking down the wall is just one option for a garage conversion. It’s also possible to add a sliding door or standard door to get from one room to another, but the open concept look will maximize your living space.

Replace Garage Door with Standard Wall/Door

Getting rid of the garage is the first step in converting a garage into a living room since it’s the most distinct feature of the garage. Replace the garage door with fully insulated stud walls and you’re on your way to a living room.

Add Windows

A living space needs natural light in order to avoid the room looking like a dark hole, so adding windows will make it look like a legitimate living space.

Electric for Heat and Air Conditioning

The room will need heat and air conditioning, so CIC professionals will either tie the new room into your main source of electricity or add an independent system.

Install Flooring

Choose from carpet, wood, laminate, tile or any other type of flooring to create a functional living room area for your family and guests.

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