Trendy Ideas for Converting and Finishing a Basement

A famous comedian once pointed out that we all need more space for our stuff – and converting and finishing a basement is an excellent way to get that space. For home owners who don’t want to sell their home but need more room, a basement conversion can add much needed room to an existing house.

We wanted to look at some fun and functional ways of converting and then finishing a basement for every kind of family. Regardless of the size of your space, you can find some very cool basement design ideas that will work for you.

Converting Your Space: Trendy Basement Design Ideas

There are an almost endless amount of basement design ideas at your fingertips when you convert your basement from a storage unit to a living space. There are also lots of ways to make an ordinary basement renovation into something extraordinary – and something perfect for your needs.

  • A room of one’s own. One of the most popular reasons for finishing a basement is to add an extra bedroom. But you can also start a basement remodel to build a cozy reading room or library, or to convert wasted space into a home office.
  • A place for Mom and Dad. If you have the room, you might consider an in-law suite. This popular basement renovation gives long-term visitors or new, permanent residents their own space to cook, bathe and relax.
  • A place for the kids. Finishing a basement as a playroom ensures that your kids will always have a fun retreat… and that their toys won’t wind up wedged in the couch cushions. It’s an especially popular basement remodel idea for parents with older children, since it keeps your kids within earshot while providing them the privacy you need. Installing a small fridge with snacks and beverages, a space for plastic cups and plates, and a low-wattage microwave can help keep dirty dishes at bay as well.
  • A pet paradise. For homeowners with smaller basements or older root cellars, you can create a space for your pets that gives them the freedom to run and play while protecting your furniture. There are ways to install a “doggie door” to steps that lead to the outside, or you could install a cat rail throughout the basement for your furry feline friend to use.
  • A return to tradition. While most basement design ideas involve converting a basement, there are some very trendy ideas involving reverting a basement, too. You can use your space as a traditional root cellar or build a larger wine rack. Instead of making your basement renovation about expansion, you can use what you have to free up space in cabinets and pantries.

The fun of finishing a basement isn’t just in the final product – it’s in finding the right design for your space. The experienced team at Center Island Contracting can help you plan a basement remodel that is unique and special to you. Please call at 631-465-9765 or fill out our contact form for an estimate on your home improvement projects.