Benefits of Electricity Generators for the Whole House

If you’re like most home owners, you don’t think about electricity generators until you actually need them – and by then, it’s usually too late. But electricity generators offer a wealth of benefits to home owners even when the power is still on. If you’re on the fence about buying a generator for house or workshop use, it’s time to take a deeper look into the benefits you’ll reap.

Reasons to Buy a Generator for Your House

The number one reason to buy a generator for the house is to ensure a constant supply of power. Emergency power generators are designed to come on when the power goes off, but smaller, portable generators may not help much if the electrical shortage is going to last. So while it’s possible to buy a small generator for your house for a few hundred dollars, it won’t end up helping for long.

That’s why permanent, whole-house electricity generators are always a smart purchase:

  • You’re going to save money. You know the expression “You get what you pay for”? It’s the same story when you buy a generator for your house. Smaller generators with less power may keep some lights on, but they’ll cost you a fortune if you have to keep refilling them with gas. A whole house generator taps right into your natural gas lines.
  • You’re going to need more power. Smaller emergency power generators are unlikely to handle all of your appliances. For most families, a refrigerator consumes more energy than any other appliance except an air conditioner. When you start researching backup generators for homes, make sure you find one which can power the fridge and the air.
  • You’re going to enjoy the peace and quiet. A generator for the whole house is often far less noisy than a portable one. They’re covered up (like a central air until would be), so they emit less sound.
  • You’re going to experience freedom to leave the house. When the lights go out and you’re not home, they stay out. But permanent backup generators for homes are designed to automatically kick on when the power goes out, so your home is fully powered even when you’re not home. The supply of power means that you’re less likely to be robbed, and less likely to come home to rotting milk in the fridge.

It’s easy to be a bit frightened at the price tag for a whole house generator, but the upfront expenses are worth it. Depending on the size of your home, you may not need a $12,000 system when a $4,000 system will do. What you can’t put a price tag on, however, is the peace of mind that only house-wide electricity generators can supply.

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