Top Winter Maintenance Tips to Start 2017 Off Strong

Now that we’re in the thick of winter, it would be wise to complete a winter checklist to make sure your home maintenance is being properly taken care of. This winter maintenance checklist is similar to the pre-winter checklist, however, it’s always good to make sure your household is running smoothly to avoid hazards and accidents.

  • Fuel Tanks – It’s important to check fuel tank levels all throughout the winter and have back-ups if needed. It’s also important to keep fuel for snow blowers and generators stored in approved safety containers and away from the basement or heat producing devices.
  • Set Heat No Lower than 55 Degrees – Since the temperature where the water pipes are located behind the walls is colder than the living spaces, try not to set heat lower than 55 degrees. In order to keep relatively the same temperature throughout the house, keep doors open to guest rooms or rooms that are unoccupied.
  • Keep Up with Wood-Burning Stove – The wood burning stove can be a hazard if not maintained correctly, so keeping up with it is important. Burn only seasoned wood, monitor gas levels and have them inspected once a year to be safe.
  • Keep Gutters Clean – To ensure melted snow is draining properly, make sure the gutters are clear of any leaves, branches or other debris. Regularly check the gutters to make sure nothing gets clogged.
  • Check Steps and Handrails – Inspecting steps and handrails leading up to the house is an important part of your winter home maintenance checklist, since people will be using them more often as balance grips when there’s snow and ice on the ground. If steps or handrails are faulty, someone might fall and get hurt.

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