Interior Design Trends That Will Be ‘Out’ in 2017

For some, it’s important to stay up to date with interior design trends. While this entails staying on top of upcoming trends, it also means knowing which trends are on their way ‘out.’ The following list are suggestions on what trends were prominent in 2016, but won’t be by the time the new year rolls around. Center Island Contracting takes pride in improving clients’ quality of life through designing and constructing spaces that balance functionality and personality. Our “No Regret” design approach and our wide range of services provides our clients with great value, unparalleled service, security, and convenience.

Sticking to One Time Period

Gone are the days designers will stick to one period, which means it’s no longer necessary to pair items like antiques with strictly antiques. Instead, try a mixture of different time periods and design trends to create a comprehensive look of both timeless and modern decor.

Large Furniture

Space has now become more of a priority when it comes to oversized furniture, with demand shifting to functionality over making a statement. Oversized furniture overwhelms a space, so designers will now start to scale furniture to each unique space or order custom furniture to ensure it fits the room appropriately.

Brushed Metal and Brass

While metal remains on trend for interior design and home remodeling projects, brushed metal and brass are on their way out. To avoid metal accents looking outdated, replace them with more bronzes and gold metals to warm up the space or try mixing metals for a more modern look.

Hanging Edison Bulbs

This 2016 trend is now considered overkill going into 2017, and will likely make its way out of industrial home design. Instead of fitting the exposed bulbs trend into your design, try lighting fixtures that fit with your overall design theme.

Comfort over Edginess

Comfort will take precedence over edginess entering 2017, so sharp edges will be out and rounded, softer edges will be in. While boxier furniture will likely remain popularity, it won’t be the primary theme going forward into the new year. Expect to see circular furniture return.

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