Top Reasons to Build a Home Addition

If you’re considering a home addition to add more living space to your home, the experts at Center Island Contracting can guide you through the home addition process.

Besides the obvious reason of adding more livable square footage, there are many reasons homeowners choose to add on to their homes. Most people who choose to go the home addition route love the location of their home and wouldn’t consider moving to a different home with more space when they can just add on to their current home.

If you fall into the category of homeowners who see the benefit of investing in a home addition, below are some top reasons for adding on.

Growing Family

Family dynamics change, and your home might not work for your family anymore. For example, you’re expecting a baby, the in-laws are moving in or your kids are getting older and require more space. Home additions are the perfect solution for adding on to the home you know and love.

Expand Kitchen

Many homeowners choose to add on to their homes by expanding their kitchen space. The kitchen is the heart of the home, but many older kitchens don’t have the amount of space most of us would like. Updating and adding on to the kitchen is a popular home addition project.

Add Bedroom/Bathroom

Adding a bedroom and bathroom on to your home is another top reason for a home addition. If you need an extra bedroom, or would like to expand your master bedroom, a home addition is right for you.

Need Office Space

With the growing need for office space as many employees continue to work from home, a home addition is a great solution for that need. Add on to your home to create a home office conducive to a productive work environment at home.

MIL Suite

If the in-laws visit often, or perhaps they are permanently moving in, adding a mother-in-law suite is a common reason for a home addition. Another option for a mother-in-law suite is a garage or basement conversion.

Increase Value of the Home

Whatever your family’s needs for a home addition are, adding livable square footage to your home will increase the value. It might not be something on your radar now but investing money into your home will add to its value.

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