8 Luxury Shower Tile Options for Master Bathroom Makeover in Syosset

Bathroom remodels are popular amongst homeowners because they add overall value to the home and provide an oasis within your home that you can escape to after a long day.

When it comes to customizing your bathroom, the shower tiles are an important part of the design process because they will give your bathroom the exact look you want.

If you’re striving towards contemporary, travertine can help you achieve that look. Perhaps you’re going for a more rustic look; stone will do the trick. No matter your personal style, there is a shower tile option that will create your desired bathroom retreat.

Below are eight luxury shower tile options for your master bathroom makeover.


Whether it’s marble tile, marble slabs, or horizontal marble, this luxury shower tile material will never go out of style.

Natural Stone

Natural stone gives a natural look to the bathroom, essentially bringing nature inside and making the room feel spa-like. Stone tile can be slippery, however, so make sure to seal it.


Not only does travertine tile look incredible for bathroom design purposes, but travertine is also one of the easiest bathroom tile materials to maintain.


Subway tile in neutral colors like whites and greys have become extremely popular in bathroom renovations, adding a sleek design to the bathroom.


Mosaic tiles create a striking accent feature for your master bathroom renovation. Mosaic tiles are tiny and provide more grout lines for slip resistance in the shower.


Ceramic tile is durable, low maintenance and water resistant, making it an ideal shower tile material to use for your bathroom renovation project.


Hexagon tiles have been gaining popularity in bathroom remodel projects and pair well with subway tiles for a sleek and modern bathroom design.

Tile Slabs

Tile slabs offer zero grout lines, which fits seamlessly with modern bathroom design. Use porcelain, marble or quartz slabs for a stunning bathroom makeover.

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