Space Saving Tips for Small Master Bedrooms

It can be challenging to make a small master bedroom work with limited square footage. The goal is to keep the master bedroom as decluttered and tranquil as possible, since it’s the most intimate part of your home. Since small master bedrooms have their own set of unique challenges, here are some space saving tips to get the most out of your small space.

Swap Out Dresser for Drawers Underneath the Bed

Instead of taking up precious space with a dresser, put drawers underneath your bed for easy access to clothes. The drawers will accomplish the same purpose as a bulky dresser when there’s simply no room for one.

Nightstand Built-Ins

Built-in nightstands will save a lot of space in your small master bedroom and they can make the room feel bigger. The nightstands can be part of your bed’s headboard so that it’s one continuous piece that will keep it streamlined and clean looking.

Dual Purpose Dresser/Nightstand Combo

Use a nightstand that is a bit larger than normal to create a dual purpose dresser and nightstand combo. Use the top for nightstand storage for objects like books and flowers and use the bottom as more clothes storage.

Mount Reading Lamps

Mounting reading lamps can save space that a stand-alone lamp would’ve taken up on the floor. Save a few inches of square footage by mounting two lamps on either side of your bed.

Mount TV

This is the same concept as mounting reading lamps. Instead of a bulky entertainment center taking up space in your small master bedroom, mount the TV for a clean and modern look.

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