How to Pull Off White on White Décor

We can probably all admit the envy we experience when flipping through the pages of a magazine or visiting a friend’s home and we see a white on white color scheme done so effortlessly. Decorating with all white hues looks daunting but it’s perfectly achievable. Below are some tips to achieve an achromatic theme that is elegant, clean and chic.


With the elimination of creating depth with other colors, it can be tricky to add contrast to the room with an all white theme. Don’t be afraid to use a variety of prints and textures, which will take the all white look from boring to interesting.


After deciding on decorating in all white, the next step is to choose which shade(s) of white you’re going for. To add a visually pleasing contrast, choose a darker shade of white for the walls. To warm up a large room, use ivory, cream and porcelain whites.

Choose Forgiving Upholstery

One of the biggest reasons most people avoid decorating with white on white is the susceptibility to stains, especially in a busy home with children. Use upholstery that is stain resistant and can withstand being washed multiple times without wearing out. Slip covers are also a great idea to avoid ruining white furniture.

Gallery Wall

Spice things up in an all white room with a gallery wall using white frames and black and white prints. This will break things up but won’t take away from the all white look you’re trying to achieve. If you’d rather go bold, choose prints with a pop of color.

Switch out for the Season

Take advantage of the blank slate an all white room provides by switching out candle holders, upholstery, flowers and other decorations that go along with the theme of the season. For fall, add the colors of foliage to give the room an autumn feel.

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