Smart Home Capabilities Homeowners are Actually Buying

Smart home technology is on the forefront of home design trends, and the last couple of years have seen an introduction of more smart home capabilities than ever before. Soon it will become standard to buy smart capabilities when buying a new home or remodeling, and these systems can range from one easy installation of a smart lock for your front door to a central system that has the ability to control all electronics from one hub. With so many smart devices and appliances on the market, it’s difficult to decipher which features are worth buying, especially if you’re new to the smart home trend. Below are smart home features that homeowners are actually buying.

Kitchen Appliances

Smart kitchen appliances, such as LG Electronics’ line of smart kitchen appliances, has become one of the most popular smart home features to buy. Investing in smart kitchen appliances such as refrigerators and cooktops is great for the resale value of your home and makes your current living situation more functional. These appliances have smart capabilities such as LED touchscreen displays, sensors on microwaves and even the option to order groceries from your refrigerator.


Smart thermostats allow you to control the temperature of your home from an app on your smartphone, which means you can do it from anywhere. There are some smart thermostats that are smarter than others, which contain wireless sensors that detect when rooms have become warm or cold enough for your preferences. The device will then adjust the heat or A/C accordingly.

Lighting System

Smart lighting systems can turn on the lighting inside your home even before you go inside, for instances like not wanting to walk into a dark house at nighttime or having automated lights turn on in the case of an attempted break-in to ward off intruders.

Alarm Systems

Homeowners are now investing in smart alarm systems to keep an eye on their home from their smartphones or tablets in lieu of paying high monthly fees often associated with security system companies. Staying on top of home security is the obvious reason to install a smart alarm system, but spying on your pets from work is an added benefit.

Keyless Locks

Just like hotel rooms, keyless locks are a great smart feature to add to your home. There are many types of smart locks, such as locks that look like standard key locks but open with an app on your smartphone, locks with touchpads that allow you to unlock with a code and the list goes on. The benefit of a smart lock is the capability of providing anyone you want access to your home, such as dog walkers, cleaning crews or friends.


Smart speakers like Amazon Echo and Google Home are a great introduction to having a smart home because there’s no installation required. Having a voice control smart home hub gives you access to the internet, and the voice command capabilities range from turning lights on and off, buying items on the internet to playing music on demand.

Smoke Detectors

Smart smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors will alert your smartphone if any suspicious activity happens in your home while you’re away. Being able to call 911 right when your alarm goes off lets you call for firefighters right away so the fire doesn’t spread.

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