6 Preliminary Steps to a Home Design Makeover

Whether undergoing a remodel, renovation, new construction, or a design makeover, it’s best to have a game plan set in place before getting started. A home design project can be overwhelming before it starts, so getting a plan in place can make it less intimidating. With that said, here are 6 preliminary steps to a home design makeover.

Big Items First, Small Items Last

The big items such as couches and beds should be the first choice you make, and you can work the smaller items in around that. By working from large items to small accessories, you won’t get caught up in the small stuff, which can sometimes throw off the timeline of your home redesign project. If you’re waiting on your bed or couch to be delivered, work with a swatch of the material to base other decisions such as area rugs and wall art around.

Furniture Before Paint Color

It’s easier to choose your furniture before picking a paint color when redecorating because there are many more paint color options than furniture upholstery options. From a practical standpoint, having your newly-decorated room painted before the furniture arrives will save a lot of aggravation.

Decide What to Keep

It’s likely you will throw most of your items away before a home design makeover so that you can start fresh, but there will also be key items you have emotional attachment to that you will want to keep. Before starting your home makeover project, decide what stays and what goes to save yourself from having to make those decisions later on.

(Mostly) Separate Wants and Needs

The world is your oyster during the preliminary stages of a home design makeover, but try not to get too carried away. There might not be room in the budget for everything you want to do, so make a list of everything and rank your desire to do it from 1-5. When the list is done, you can get a better idea of the work that’s an absolute must and the work that might’ve sounded better in theory.

Spreadsheet to Track Budget

Spreadsheets are an organized homeowner’s best friend. Keeping an updated log of home redesign expenses will keep you from going over budget and catch added expenses you might not have otherwise included in your budget, such as shipping costs, delivery fees and assembly fees.

Commit to a Timeline

Although it likely won’t happen, pick a date to complete your home redesign project by. Having this date will keep you accountable and add fuel to the fire to get certain stages of the project completed quickly, so another stage can start.

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