Remodeling Projects

Most people are eager to bring their home remodel ideas to life, but putting that brand new flooring in your kitchen or adding on that two-car garage isn’t always smooth sailing. Not only must you deal with the ups and downs of your remodeling projects, but you may also have to deal with the headache that comes with acquiring building permits. The process may seem inconvenient and tedious, but the consequences of not having a permit can be far worse. Here are some remodeling projects that require building permits.

Remodeling Projects That Require Permits:

Installations: Fencing installation may require a permit depending on whether or not there is a height restriction in your city. Putting the fence up without a permit may result in having to cut the fence or completely take it down after installation. Building permits are also needed for window installations when the new window is bigger than the existing window. Openings will need to be cut for new windows, skylights, and new doors with built-in windows.

Plumbing/Electric/Heat: Not all remodeling projects are about changing the visual aspects of the home. Building permits are most likely needed whenever you are installing or replacing plumbing as well as electrical. Outlets, switches, ceiling fans, and overhead lighting are just some of the electrical fixtures that require building permits. Other projects such as replacing the water heater or changing the ventilation system, fireplaces and ducts also require building permits.

Structural Changes/Additions: Structural changes are changes that are done to the framework of the house. A new roof, tearing down walls, balconies, decks, porches, and flooring all fall under structural changes. Additions are popular remodeling projects that most definitely require building permits. Adding on another bedroom, garage, shed, and even that dream walk-in closet you always wanted won’t become a reality without that permit.

Remodeling projects that do not demand permits include painting, installing carpeting or other types of flooring, minor repairs, landscaping, and installing new countertops or faucets. No matter what type of home remodel you are doing, it is always best to double check if you need a permit before starting. Not only can the general contractors at Center Island Contracting handle all of your remodeling projects, but we can handle the permit process too! Call today at 631-465-9765 to get started.