Popular Summer Renovation Projects in Sea Cliff

Summertime is when we can finally enjoy the nice weather and spend more time outdoors. It’s also the perfect time of year to do some remodeling projects, due to more open schedules, better weather and increased daylight hours.

Take advantage of these limited summer months to spruce up your home. When the cold returns, we won’t want to do them, and they will be delayed yet another year. Home improvements can range from small maintenance projects like pressure washing, to larger home remodel projects like home additions or kitchen remodels.

Below are some ideas on summer home renovation projects to help you get started.

Pressure Wash

Now is the time to get the exterior of your home looking shiny and new. Remove dirt or debris that has built up over time and get your home’s curb appeal back on track. Pressure washing is an inexpensive home improvement project for summer that will go a long way.


Getting outside and working on your home’s landscaping is one of the most common home improvement projects for summer. Landscaping not only improves the exterior look of your home, it can also add value to it. Talk to our highly-rated landscape design contractor specialists about the landscape design that will enhance your unique property.

Replace Windows

Your outdated windows might be costing you money. Newer windows will be better insulated and keep air from getting in or out of the house, therefore keeping your energy bills lower. This summer renovation project will provide a return on investment by adding value to your home.

Deck Addition or Maintenance

Whether it’s staining your deck or adding on a deck addition, improving your deck is a popular summer home improvement project. Think about how much your deck gets used during the spring and summer months. The time and money spent adding on or maintaining deck space will be worthwhile.

Outdoor Living Space

Updating your outdoor living space is a great summer home improvement project. As an outdoor living and patio contractor, we can create an outdoor sanctuary for your family to enjoy. Extend your living space outdoors with a new patio, pergola, or outdoor grill area.


Painting will deliver drastic changes to the interior of your house in a short amount of time. Summer is the ideal time to paint your home because of the ventilation the warmer weather provides. Proper ventilation will keep your home safe and clean.

Kitchen Remodel

Many homeowners wait until summer to undergo a kitchen remodel because of the many advantages this time of year provides. Factors like a more accommodating schedule, better ventilation and more daylight hours are reasons for waiting until summer to update your kitchen.

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