Benefits of Building a New Home vs. Renovating

If you’re ready for a change as a homeowner, two options have likely crossed your mind: should we renovate our current home or build a new home?

This decision will impact your project’s timeline, budget and the design or layout of the home. Both options have their advantages and disadvantages, depending on the type of changes you want to make. Many would assume building a new home would be the costlier option, but some renovations can cost more than starting from scratch.

Below are some benefits of building a new home vs. renovating your existing home.

Custom Home

Building a new home means it will be fully customized to your family’s specific needs. If features of your current home no longer work for you, you can create a new home that has everything you need. For example, a custom home can give you a different layout, more interior space and more outdoor space, all features that either can’t be done during a renovation or would be expensive. Knocking down walls to create a more open concept floor plan might not even be possible due to wiring or plumbing in those walls.

Everything Is New

When building a new home, everything is new and under warranty. If you stay in your existing home, there’s no telling when costly repairs will pop up if the home is older. When moving into a new home, repair costs are minimal, and homeowners have peace of mind knowing it will be years before the wear and tear of the home starts to become an issue.

Sustainable Materials

As homeowners, our priorities have shifted in the past couple decades about the importance of sustainability and using environmentally friendly materials and home practices. When starting from scratch, you have the ability to incorporate sustainable materials and designing the home to be more energy efficient.

More Design Options

Instead of being limited on design options in a remodel project, building new gives you a whole new world of design possibilities. When building a new home, it’s not a requirement to limit your ideas to the existing layout or structure of the home.

All in all, building a new home gives homeowners a lot of flexibility when it comes to design and customizability. However, for some homeowners who are doing minimal changes or desire a shorter project timeline, a renovation might be right for you. Talk to our experts at Center Island Contracting to determine whether a renovation or building a new home is right for you.

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