The Perfect Staycation Backyard

Backyard Landscaping Ideas for a Fun-Filled Staycation

Feeling a little stuck when it comes to backyard landscaping ideas? You’re not alone. With so many backyard landscaping ideas on TV and on the web, it can be a little difficult to choose the ones that will work best for your lifestyle. The best designs will give you and your family a terrific option for a “staycation” this year – and in the coming years, too.

Whether your yard is huge or small, backyard landscaping ideas like the ones we’ve created and collected will allow you to make the most of your outdoor life this year.

Large and Small Backyard Ideas by Trusted Designers

If your lot size is a bit smaller than you’d like, don’t fret: there are a many small backyard ideas that give the illusion of space, and allow you to make the most of your yard. If you live on an oversized lot, there’s almost nothing you can’t do to enjoy your yard to the fullest. Why not:

  • Create a space dedicated to conversation. Gone are the days of the traditional 4-seater patio set. Today, you can purchase outdoor sofas and recliners to create an intimate setting around a low-lying table. Using a rock garden as a centerpiece will give your outdoor space depth, and will help keep you and your guests involved in the conversation.
  • Separate your space by need. Some of the newest backyard landscaping ideas involve creating small “rooms” outdoors. For example, you can install a beautiful hardscape design featuring living retaining walls or natural boulders for guests to admire upon entering the yard, and create pathways that lead towards a pool, a Zen garden or a game area. By doing so, you reap all the benefits of a resort without leaving home!
  • Extend your deck or patio. The newest deck designs aren’t the typical square patios anymore – they’re multi-tiered and built from locally sourced materials. A multi-level deck design allows you to separate an eating area from a lounging area. It’s also one of the small deck ideas that give you the illusion of more space, since it utilizes an otherwise unusable part of your yard by going up instead of out.
  • Experiment with lighting. All backyard landscaping ideas worth their salt discuss the benefits of lighting – lights add ambiance AND security, and therefore should be incorporated into your design. But you don’t have to use traditional spot lights to keep your yard lit. Holiday lights around a pergola or strung through small trees add a subtle touch, and deck cap lights can give you all the light you need around your sitting area. Low voltage solar lights will recharge themselves, saving you money over time. You can choose different color light bulbs, too, to add to the festivities.
  • Foster a belief in sustainability. A living retaining wall adds color to your yard while keeping your landscape firmly in place. You can plant certain fruits or vegetables in the wall, which provide not only color but nourishment for your family. Instead of going berry picking at a farm this year, you can pluck fruits and veggies right off the vines. If you have children, you can make a game of choosing which vegetables or fruits will be used in each night’s meal.
  • Build water features into your landscape. Large and small backyard ideas involving water are always beautiful, and add some dimension to your space. A rock garden waterfall or a koi pond can create an island air, giving you a place to relax without having to leave your home.

The best staycation ideas are the ones that incorporate all the elements of your home. These backyard landscaping ideas are sure to add some flair to any space!

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