Outdated Kitchen Remodeling Trends for 2023

If remodeling your kitchen is on your radar for 2023, there will be some trends you will want to avoid risking your new kitchen becoming outdated.

In the beginning stages of a remodel, it’s all about brainstorming the important design decisions. First and foremost, instead of solely focusing on kitchen design trends, incorporating timeless features into your kitchen remodel will never go out of style and will hold their value better. These timeless features include an open kitchen layout, organization features and neutral colors.

Below are a few outdated kitchen trends to avoid when undertaking a kitchen remodel in 2023.

Oversized Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands will always be incorporated into kitchen remodels, but going too big with your kitchen island can overwhelm some spaces and leave little room for other kitchen amenities. It’s important to scale your kitchen island to your specific kitchen’s dimensions.

Too Much White

White and neutral colors will always be in style. However, going overboard with white can make your kitchen look sterile and uninspired. Think about the stark white kitchens of the ‘80s as an example. In 2023 and beyond, when designing an all-white kitchen, it will be crucial to add different materials and some dimension to offset all the white.

Too Much Grey

Going overboard with grey will soon be a design of the past. Grey had its moment for a while but going all grey in the kitchen isn’t as desirable going into 2023. Similar to white, grey will always be incorporated into kitchen design, just on a smaller scale.

Open Shelving

Open shelving was popular in recent years, but the trend seems to be shifting more towards traditional style cabinetry. This is good for those who have a hard time keeping open shelves styled all the time, because they don’t look the same when they’re not.

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