6 Timeless Kitchen Renovation Trends What Will Hold Their Value

Homeowners take a gamble when choosing trendy finishes or paint colors for their kitchen remodel, but many are willing to take that gamble for a popular kitchen. For those that stick to more traditional design, there are timeless kitchen trends that are a staple in kitchens around the world and likely won’t ever go out of style.

Some kitchen renovations and upgrades are a safe bet, such as certain countertop materials or types of kitchen layouts. The experts at Center Island Contracting have seen our share of kitchen renovations and have noticed some renovation trends that have not gone out of style through the years.

Below are six timeless kitchen renovation trends that will hold their value in the long term.

Open Layout

Open layouts are the most functional use of a kitchen, so it’s no surprise that an open layout would be considered a timeless kitchen renovation trend. No one wants to feel closed in when they’re entertaining in the kitchen or cooking for their family, so open layouts are here to stay.

New Tech

Any new technology that helps do the work for us in the kitchen seems to be a trend that’s here to stay when it comes to kitchen renovations. Homeowners are willing to try the latest gadgets and as a result, new kitchens have become more efficient than ever.


Marble is a timeless kitchen material that adds sophistication and elegance to kitchen designs. Whether it’s used on your countertops, backsplash or both, marble is a good investment that will hold its value in the long term.


Kitchen islands are a focal point of the kitchen and have become the place for families to gather for various reasons, including homework after school, weeknight dinners and cocktails with friends.


Organization simply never goes out of style. The more organized your kitchen is, the better! Features like deep, pull-out cabinet drawers and walk-in pantries are a kitchen renovation trend that won’t go away. The convenience of an organized kitchen is appealing to the majority of homeowners.

Neutral Colors

Neutral paint colors won’t ever look distracting or date themselves. They will go with essentially any décor style and serve as a blank canvas for your kitchen design. White, beige and other light neutral colors are a timeless trend in the kitchen.

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