New Floors in Jericho: This Year’s Flooring Trends

Redoing your home’s flooring can transform the interior of your home entirely, giving it a major refresh and making the home seem larger and more modern. However, it can be hard to choose the right type of flooring when there are so many viable options to pick from! Whether you’re undergoing a home renovation, or installing new flooring in your new home construction, Center Island Contracting is your local remodeler along the north shore of Nassau, servicing Oyster Bay, Manhasset, Plainview, Jericho and more. Our construction management services allow you the freedom of not having to watch our general contractors as they each do their portion of your new home construction.

Gray Wood

Bleached and blanched woods have become a popular flooring trend. The process eliminates the natural color of wood and replaces it with a light grey/white color for a softer look. Real wood gets bleached and stripped of the stain or artificial dye that gives wood its “wood” coloring, which softens the color to white-washed or gray. This trend gives off the same look of wood grain but gives the wood a more modern makeover.

Wide Plank

Wood flooring will likely never go out of style, considering its versatility in style yet charm of its rich history. New trends in flooring, however, have seen wide planked wood become a popular commodity. Wide plank wood floors can be up to a foot wide and offer a sense of luxury. Wide plank flooring is a trend that can offer both sophistication and a rustic aesthetic, which appeals to a variety of homeowners.


Another unique way to lay beautiful, natural wood is to display it in a unique geometric design. Parquet floors are a popular flooring trend for 2018 because it’s a new take on traditional wood flooring and a chance to stray from the norm. Allow the natural wood planks to be in the spotlight by choosing Parquet flooring for your home renovation or new construction.


Eco-friendly flooring options are on the rise as homeowners become more conscious of green living. Eco-friendly flooring options include recycled carpet, cork and reclaimed wood. By going green with your flooring, you’re doing your part to conserve natural resources for future generations.

Distressed Wood

The distressed wood look is still a flooring trend in 2018, continuing as an extension of the farmhouse trend. Distressed finishes give the wood a more worn, lived-in look that can make your home feel homier and more welcoming. For homeowners who favor the rustic look, redoing your floors with distressed wood flooring will help achieve that look.


Porcelain, textured tiles can be made to look exactly like wood or stone floors. The craftmanship on porcelain planks has evolved to the point where the porcelain doesn’t have that polished sheen we have come to expect, and not only looks like the desired material it’s intended to mimic but feels like it too.

Vintage Black and White

Every trend eventually comes back around, and vintage black and white flooring has made its comeback. Homeowners are opting to use classic black and white square tile, as well as retro black and white mosaic designs. Whichever style you choose, vintage black and white flooring provides nostalgia and a classic feel to your remodel or new construction house.


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