6 Outdoor Spring Long Island Home Maintenance Projects

After a long, cold winter, spring is officially here. As we prepare for the warmer part of the year, it’s time to think about outdoor home maintenance projects. After all, this is the time of year that we can spend as much time as we like outside without having to run inside to warm up. To prevent expensive repairs, keep any potential moisture issues at bay and set up your house to look as best as it can in the upcoming months, follow this guide to outdoor spring Long Island home maintenance projects.

Trim Branches

Branch overgrowth can lead to moisture issues collecting on your roof. To avoid any moisture soiling your roofing or siding, make trimming the branches of shrubs and trees one of your outdoor spring home maintenance projects. The safest way to avoid any problems is to keep branches at least five feet away from your home structure.

Unclog Foundation Vents

Debris like leaves, small branches and sticks can sometimes collect along the foundation vents, which can hinder the vents from doing their job efficiently. Those foundation vents are needed to keep air circulation going in order to avert moisture that can lead to mold. The screens on the vents are needed to keep rats, mice and other critters from getting inside.

Paint Touch-Ups

While pressure washing the exterior of your home for the spring and summer months, be on the lookout for chips in the exterior paint and spot paint them as needed. If wood is exposed, it can lead to wood rot. Scrape off peeled or chipped paint spots and repaint to cover up any exposed surfaces.

Roof Inspection

Inspect your roof yourself of hire a roofing contractor to look for rust, broken or missing shingles, cracked caulking around pipes, or any other damage that a harsh winter might’ve left behind. If doing it yourself, use a sturdy ladder or perhaps a good pair of binoculars.

Prevent Mosquitos

We all know the havoc mosquitoes can cause when the weather gets warm again. Instead of spending a fortune on remedies to keep the mosquitoes away, why not take preventative measures to ensure the mosquitoes don’t come around your house this year? Mosquitoes flock to water, so regularly maintain your property to get rid of any areas that water might collect.

Sprinkler and Irrigation Systems

Check your watering systems thoroughly this spring to save water and protect your plants. Look for damaged sprinkler heads and do a run-through of all the areas your sprinkler and irrigation systems service. A walk-through of the zones should expose any malfunctions.


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