Adding Millwork to Your Home

Millwork is a lovely addition to any home, to give it a sense of uniqueness and personalization. Our general contractors are eager to share with you the best places to add millwork in your home. Here are areas throughout your home where adding millwork will make a world of difference in your home’s décor.

Along the Ceiling: One of the most visible places for millwork and crown molding is to cover the seam where the wall meets the ceiling. The most common molding is cornice, which comes in a wide variety of sizes and design patterns to complement your home’s architectural style and create a stylish edging.

On the Ceiling: Another great way to dress up a room is to add a ceiling medallion around your center light fixture. Ceiling medallions are available in a wide range of materials and styles ranging from simple to very ornate.

Around Windows: Top off interior windows with millwork above and around the sides of interior windows for an added touch of luxury. The window casings or surroundings create a beautiful frame to view the outdoors, while adding durability to the window frame. Millwork surrounding your windows can be as simple or detailed as you wish.

Baseboards: Every home uses some form of baseboard to conceal any gaps where the wall and floor come together and to provide protection to the wall finish. Traditionally, the baseboard was composed of three separate parts: a shoe, the baseboard and the cap, but today most bases come in a single piece to provide a cleaner and more appealing look. Adding millwork to your baseboards will add a touch of decorative design to your wall and bring out the detail in ceramic tile and wood flooring.

Luxurious Walls: The next piece of trim after the baseboard is a chair rail, which is a great accent to any room, particularly in kitchens and dining rooms. A chair rail is typically positioned 36 inches from the floor. Many homeowners love the appeal of adding paneling between the chair rail and baseboard to complement the room’s millwork, wall coverings and furniture.

Millwork is a fine addition to any home’s décor. Not only does it look stunning, but it also adds value to a home’s market price. The general contractors at Center Island Contracting are experienced in adding millwork to homes all over Long Island, New York. If you would like to add millwork to your home, contact us today at 631-465-9766.