Do Something Practical for Your Backyard by Building a Shed This Summer

Sheds are a practical addition to any backyard. Shed construction may sound somewhat intimidating, but a professional contractor can build a shed designed to fit all of your outdoor needs in no time. Here are five reasons why building a shed is a must-have for your backyard this summer.

Storage Space: Finally, a place for all of those Christmas and holiday decorations. Many of us keep our holiday decorations crammed in an attic or basement, which means every few months we have to crawl into tight spaces and carefully balance boxes in our arms as we make our way up and down stairs. When you add a shed to your backyard, you now create the ideal place to store holiday decorations that you can easily access without all of the climbing and sidestepping in your attic or basement.

Hobbies: Building a shed gives you the perfect work area for your favorite hobby, without disturbing the living space inside the house. Now you can easily store your hobby materials without any clutter inside your home. Take the time to set up your new shed exactly how you would like it and make the space work for you.

Safety: If you have children, building a shed provides an added layer of security for keeping heavy equipment out of the reach of children. Think of all those items you have lying around your yard: bikes, lawnmowers, garden tools, chainsaws and more that could potentially lead to a tragic accident, if you left them lying around where children are present.  If you have a shed, you can worry less about children playing near heavy equipment.

Organization: Building a shed will help you keep your backyard more clean and organized, which is ideal for anyone who wants a backyard they can entertain in. If you have random garden tools, toys and other clutter that can be stored in a nice wooden shed, it will make your backyard more enjoyable for you and your guests.

Value: Building a shed can help add market value to your home. Sheds offers storage and curb appeal, as they create another useful space on your property. A shed allows potential buyers to use their imagination as to what the space may become for them, whether an area for a hobby, additional storage space, or more. If you are selling your home, add a shed before you list it on the market for an increase in your home’s value.

Center Island Contracting’s general contractor team has built sheds for homeowners all over Long Island, New York. Our general contractor team can guide you in creating the perfect shed to fit your needs. For more information about shed construction, call us today at 631-465-9766.