Maximize Your Space with Dormer Windows

Dormer windows can be added to any home with the goal of adding more livable square footage to your space. There are a variety of dormer windows that can enhance both the aesthetic and monetary value of your home, and we are ready to provide you with a complete design consistent with your home’s existing architecture. For those who are toying with the idea of adding a dormer to your second level but aren’t aware of the different types of dormers out there, follow this guide to make the decision that’s best for your home.

Eyebrow Dormer

This dormer is appropriately named due to its shape, which looks like an eye sitting below the roof. What differentiates eyebrow dormers from other dormers is their curved shape roof. The space provided on the interior of the house when installing eyebrow dormers provides less of an extension of the existing space and more of a nook.

Gable/Doghouse Dormer

Gable dormers, also known as doghouse dormers, are the most common type of dormers. The shape is reminiscent of a doghouse being attached to the second floor. A gable dormer has a pitched roof with two slopes on either side and isn’t overwhelming from an exterior view. It also doesn’t provide a lot of space on the interior, rather just enough room for a window seat. Gable dormers are relatively inexpensive and provide light to otherwise dark second floors.

Shed Dormer

Shed dormers are also appropriately named, considering it looks like a shed was placed on the second level. Shed dormers are used to create more interior space than other dormers can provide, and should mainly consist of windows to add a bright and open concept indoors. These dormers have a single flat plane roof that slopes in the same direction as the main roof.

Hipped Dormer

All three sides of a hipped dormer slope upwards and there are no vertical ends. Hipped dormers are commonly used on houses that feature a hipped main roof. The roof slants backwards on hip dormers on each angle and meets at the top.

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