Create a Tropical Home Oasis Despite Location

Long Island might drop to chilling temperatures for part of the year, but creating a tropical home oasis can make you feel like you’re on vacation despite your home’s location. Even when there’s snow on the ground, adding tropical design touches to your home can provide the pick-me-up needed to get through the cold months of the year. Below are some tips to transform your home, or perhaps just a room or two, into a tropical home oasis that will give off a vacation vibe throughout the year.

Bright Colors

Bright colors are mandatory in achieving that island life vibe found in tropical locations. Don’t be afraid to experiment with bold colors like bright pink or turquoise in main rooms of the house, such as the kitchen or family room, when trying to create a tropical vibe. If going bold in main rooms is too much of a commitment, try using bold paint colors in smaller parts of the house like bathrooms or the office.

Tiki Bar in Basement

Installing a tiki bar in your finished basement will allow you to have fun in the comfort of your own home. The upstairs part of your house can be any style you want it to be, but bringing guests downstairs to your tiki bar is a nice surprise. Try to make it as authentic and vibrant as possible for an experience that truly feels like a tropical getaway – your guests will appreciate it!

Modern Art

Modern art can add to the overall vibrant vibe, especially colorful modern art or pieces that are island or beach-themed. Hanging a surf board, for example, will make you feel like you’re on vacation in a beach town all year ‘round.


Adding a skylight is a nice touch because it allows natural light to soak up the room, which always lends to a warm and relaxed feeling. Even if the sun is out on a snowy day, the light that will shine through the skylight will take you to a sunny and tropical destination in your mind.

Large Mirror to Attract Daylight

To attract even more light, hang a large mirror parallel to dressers that fits the length of the furniture. This accent feature will reflect the light coming in from sliding doors or windows in the room.

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