How to Light Your Home like a Pro

A well-lit home is a happy home, but with so many options to light your home out there, it can be difficult to figure out which lighting is best for certain rooms. A good lighting plan can highlight your space and do wonders for rooms like offices, family rooms and bathrooms. The following are suggestions on how to light your home like a pro.

Four Layers

Experts say a well-lit room is achieved by adding four layers of light; ambient light, task light, accent light and decorative light. If you’re unfamiliar with these different types of light, get educated with Center Island Contracting.


Not only will dimmers save energy and extend the life of your light bulbs, they also help create the ambiance you want. Installing dimmers will help tone down too-bright lighting or allow you to set a more intimate tone. On the other hand, when bright lights are needed, they’re available to you as well.

Showcase Natural Light

Natural light is the best kind of light, so create a room that showcases it to the fullest. Install a skylight or large windows to help achieve this, but keep in mind natural light the sun provides can get too strong at times so durable curtains might be needed to prevent overheating.

LED Bulbs

LED bulbs last much longer, help the environment and save you money. You can count on us to perform installing and conversions in several ways in both commercial LED lighting  and residential projects. We can change your existing lighting to LED or we can install LED lighting systems in your new build, allowing for the best possible lighting upgrade in your new home.

Wall Mounts

Wall mounts are easy to install and don’t require complicated hardwiring. Simply hang the lighting fixture and plug in for light that requires no labor and barely any money. For more information about Center Island Contracting’s services, call us at (631) 465-9765.