Holiday Hosting: How to Prepare for Disasters in Your Home

The holiday season means family gatherings and parties, which means it’s time to get ready to host a lot of guests. The last thing any host wants is to be unprepared for a hosting disaster and have to scramble to rectify the situation at the last minute. With that said, the following is a checklist to use in advance to avoid hosting disasters that can potentially ruin a holiday party.


To avoid a clogged toilet when multiple guests are over, make sure anyone using it knows to only flush toilet paper and sewage down the toilet. If something gets flushed down the toilet that shouldn’t, it can get stuck and cause a problem no host wants to deal with.


The working oven is a key aspect to any successful holiday party. In order to avoid it breaking right before you’re about to host 20 people for Christmas dinner, make sure to maintain and clean it regularly. Don’t wait until the day before to do so, as high temperatures might trigger the fuse or thermostat to blow and you’ll be forced to order take out.


If the furnace breaks, your guests will freeze and the festive holiday mood will be ruined. The best way to make sure your furnace works properly is to change the filters about every 90 days and check for leaks often.


Be prepared for more power to be utilized while guests are staying over by purchasing surge protectors. Also, make sure the power your guests use isn’t on the same circuit as the Christmas lights.


Like the oven, the refrigerator is needed during holiday parties to store beverages and keep certain holiday foods cold. To avoid a crisis like the refrigerator or freezer breaking at an inconvenient time, make sure the condenser coils get the necessary air flow to run smoothly by dusting often. For more information about Center Island Contracting’s services, call us at (631) 465-9765.