LED Lighting

Reasons You Should Choose LED lights:

People are always looking for the fastest and simplest way to save a buck. Little do they know, something as easy as changing the light bulbs in their home can do just that. LED lights are a common household name that most people know, but aren’t as common as a household fixture. Besides the fact that LED lighting can save you money, there are a tremendous amount of other benefits that you will reap just by making the simple switch. The following are reasons for choosing LED lighting for your home.

Energy Efficiency: The number one reason people choose LED lights are because they are extremely energy efficient, which in turn, saves you money. When something is energy efficient, it means it’s using less energy while providing the exact same outcome as the other product. When comparing LED light bulbs to traditional light bulbs, LED lighting is about 90% more efficient. A compact fluorescent light bulb or CFL can use about twice the amount of power as an LED light bulb, and an incandescent light bulb can use up to ten times as much power. According to Ledluxor.com, in 2009, 140,000 streetlights in Los Angeles were replaced with LED lights, which is currently saving Los Angeles more than $5 million per year.

Long Lasting: Another excellent reason for choosing LED lighting is because of its outstanding lifespan. LED lights crush the competition leaving all opponents in the dust when comparing how long the fixture can last. The traditional light bulb lasts about 1 to 10 thousand hours. LED light bulbs can last up to 100,000 hours, which means, if you ran your LED lighting constantly without shutting it off, it would still last you an astonishing 11 years. If you kept your LED lights on half of the time, that’s 22 years of life before having to replace your LED bulb. You can be sure you’ll save a significant amount of money if you’re only replacing your light bulbs every two decades.

Eco Friendly: As if you weren’t already sold on LED lighting, these amazing bulbs are extremely ecologically friendly. There are no other lighting options that are greener than LED. There are no toxic chemicals in LED lighting, which isn’t true for most conventional bulbs, which contain mercury, which is harmful to both people and the environment. Not only are LED lights recyclable, but also release considerably low amounts of emissions oppose to the other options.

LED lighting is one of the best changes you can make to your home when trying to find more ways to save money, be energy efficient, and help protect the environment. If you are interested in more energy saving tips and going green, contact Center Island Contracting at 631-465-9765.